Program robotics
to print the future.

ADAXIS’ software platform AdaOne transforms
robotic arms into large scale 3D printers.

Robotic manufacturing
at your fingertips.

Tap into the potential of combining industrial robotics with additive manufacturing for scalable production of large scale parts in metal, plastics, and concrete.



Plan, print, and control through a single platform.

Seamless integration of a cutting edge path planning engine, intelligent process optimization, and process control into a single platform.

Flexible and scalable hardware support

Robot and process agnostic to work with any hardware setup.

Complete workflow coverage

3D model optimization, process planning, robot programming, and monitoring.

State-of-the-art tool path planning

Optimized multi-axis tool path strategies, taking process and geometry into account.

Monitoring and process control

Log and analyze data from the robot, process head, vision inspection systems, and external sensors.

Built to handle real applications

Adapted to handle complex use cases, such as repair, mold tool manufacturing, feature addition, and multi-material.


Reduce cost, lead time
and material waste.

When additive manufacturing joins forces with industrial robotics and advanced materials, it unlocks a realm of possibilities for creating innovative large-scale products. By simply equipping a multi-axis robot with a print head, you gain access to a 3D printer capable of producing exceptionally large objects with remarkable flexibility.

Large scale within reach

Industrial robots come in every size and can be extended with linear tracks to enable parts of any scale.

Extended design freedom

Robotic arms offer unparalleled design flexibility, allowing complex designs that were previously challenging to manufacture.

Automation built in

Robotic automation and high build rates increases productivity, resulting in faster production cycles and increased output.

Low volume production

Produce customized, one-of-a-kind products or low volume batches without compromising efficiency.

Furniture in recycled plastics

Poolp + Alstom

Large scale clay printing

New Bedford Research & Robotics

Metal DED for aerospace


Hybrid manufacturing of kayaks

RISE + Melker of Sweden


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