A platform for true 6-axis additive manufacturing.

ADAXIS cross-platform software service AdaOne covers the entire workflow for robotic 3D printing of metals, plastics, composites and concrete.

  • Process calibration
  • 6-axis tool path planning
  • Robot and process simulation
  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Process traceability
  • Printer fleet management


Use existing infrastructure

Configure a print in 15 minutes

Up to 95%
less support material

Increase print success rate by >50%

Reduce costs, lead time and material waste.

ADAXIS software platform minimizes the time from design to successful print. Machine learning driven tool path optimizations and process prediction tools help operators select process parameters and reduce the risk of print failure.

Using 6-axis tool paths it is possible to add material in the optimal direction, improving both surface quality and part performance while reducing or eliminating the need for support structure.


The power to print a fully functional motorboat.

In November 2020, ADAXIS beta software was used to 3D print a fully seaworthy 4.2m motorboat in a research collaboration between RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Pioner Boats. Through the innovative printing strategy, the required support material could be reduced by approximately 95%.