Advancing what is possible with industrial robotics.

 We are a French-Swedish robotics software company on a mission to change the way the world uses industrial robotics and enable manufacturing of more sustainable and innovative products.




Bayonne, FR
Gothenburg, SE
Chattanooga, US
Bangalore, IN

ADAXIS was launched at the beginning of 2021 by Henri Bernard, Guénolé Bras, Emil Johansson and Vasan Churchill, following years of applied research into using industrial robotics for advanced manufacturing at ESTIA and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

The team first met during a collaborative research project where they found a shared frustration with the time-consuming and complex task of programming industrial robots for 3D printing. One year later, ADAXIS was formed to solve this problem by bringing a new intuitive and powerful software for robotic programming to market.

Today, ADAXIS is a multi-national team of innovators based between the two cities of Bayonne, France, and Gothenburg, Sweden. We help world-leading companies in automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, and interior design to create new innovative and sustainable products.

A part of the ADAXIS team, gathered at our headquarters in Bayonne, France.