ADAXIS joins 3MF Consortium to enhance 3D Printing standards
May 25, 2023

ADAXIS is delighted to announce that we have joined the 3MF consortium as an Associate Member.

The 3MF consortium, comprising 21 influential members representing the core of the 3D printing and 3D CAD industry, is dedicated to defining a standardized format that streamlines additive manufacturing workflows and fosters innovation.

Established in 2015, the 3MF consortium embarked on a mission to deliver a file format that adheres to key principles crucial for the additive manufacturing industry. The format is designed to be comprehensive, encompassing all necessary model, material, and property information within a single archive. This comprehensive approach ensures data integrity and eliminates fragmentation.

As an Associate Member of the 3MF consortium, ADAXIS is excited to work closely with other consortium members to optimize the 3MF format specifically for Robotic Additive Manufacturing. By collaborating and sharing insights, ADAXIS aims to drive advancements in additive manufacturing technology, unlock new possibilities, and enhance the capabilities of robotic systems in the industry.

“Today, the ability to create high-quality multi-axis tool paths can heavily rely on the input 3D model. A standardized and capable file format will make it easier to share and extract vital information about the 3D surfaces, optimal manufacturing sequence, and materials.”, said Emil Johansson, Co-founder of ADAXIS.

Duann Scott, Director of the 3MF Consortium states: “As additive manufacturing processes and applications mature, communicating design and manufacturing intent with a representation of the surface only, is no longer enough to accurately, or reliably produce results the machines are capable of. ADAXIS brings yet another dimension to the problem with their multi axis Robot Additive Manufacturing software.

By joining the 3MF Consortium ADAXIS will be critical in helping to shape and implement data in a standardized format to include other information such as manufacturing process, materials and more.

We look forward to working with ADAXIS to help their customers, and the manufacturing industry at large through open source collaboration.”

ADAXIS’ affiliation with the 3MF consortium underscores our commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration. By actively participating in the development of industry standards, we strive to provide our customers with state-of-the-art solutions and contribute to the widespread adoption of additive manufacturing. Together, we can usher in a more efficient, sustainable, and transformative future for the manufacturing industry.