Exploring the Advancements in Polymer Additive Manufacturing with AdaOne
February 20, 2024

Dive into the latest developments in Polymer Additive Manufacturing through our new video, showcasing the application of AdaOne. This technology has been seamlessly integrated into a Large-Scale Polymer Prototype developed by MSA Manufacturing.

This achievement was made possible by the Flexbot developed by CEAD, with special gratitude to the CNC Robotics team for their invaluable local support.

MSA Manufacturing specializes in engineered kitting, machining, and cutting of composite core and reinforcement materials for the composite and glassfibre moldings industry. Committed to improving business processes, ensuring consistent build times, maintaining quality, controlling costs, and expediting time to market, MSA has been a prominent player in the industry.

In 2023, MSA Manufacturing expanded its capabilities by incorporating Large Format Additive Manufacturing, allowing the company to enhance efficiency for existing customers and explore new markets.

Max Osmond, Director of MSA Manufacturing Limited, notes the natural synergy between MSA and ADAXIS: “Our business is built on making processes easier for our customers, and building good relationships with all our partners. ADAXIS thinks the same way, so there’s natural synergy. AdaOne is easy to use, provides fantastic print results, while the service, support, and communication we’ve had from the ADAXIS team has been outstanding.”

This collaboration signifies a step forward in polymer additive manufacturing, showcasing how AdaOne empowers companies like MSA Manufacturing to achieve noteworthy results, fostering innovation, efficiency, and excellence in the industry.